guys what's up!!!

okay It's been a hot second since I've "blogged" or posted full sets of photos. But I have this platform to write, share my work, and talk about random stuff with y'all so that's what I'm gonna do. 

So if you happen to be reading this, thank you. My goal as a photographer is not to make money, or have tons of followers, or get featured on big accounts. My goal is to shoot with anyone and everyone i cross paths with. i want people to know just how beautiful they are. I want them to feel beautiful in front of a camera. I want to renew confidence and self love when they see the final photos. I want girls to love themselves for exactly how God made them. 

So if you want to shoot, shoot me an email or text. I'm open, I'm not selective. I wanna laugh with you and get to know you. I live in the noblesville area and if you've never heard of me or seen me before it's because i'm homeschooled (ha) and i literally just work and study all the time. I promise i'm not weird or shy though. I'm awkward, but in a cool way. (hahaha i'm laughing at myself i sound so weird right now haha) 

OMG IF YOU'RE STILL READING THIS LETS BE FRIENDS because wow how are you even still interested. Probably because you wanna see pics of jada….. scroll down!! :))